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Refinancing Calculator

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This financial calculator will figure out how much money you could save over the life of your Home Mortgage by refinancing at a lower interest rate.

How to Use:

Enter the remaining principal, interest rate, and the time left on the current mortgage. Enter the fee that will be charged to refinance. ($2000.00 is the default). Then enter the rate for the new mortgage, and the term of the new mortgage. Click 'Calculate' to figure out the amount of interest and monthly payment you will pay over the term of the existing mortgage. It will also calculate the interest and monthly payment you would pay on the new mortgage, and the money that you could potentially save. Click 'Clear' to clear the fields.

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(-) indicates that you'll pay more

The Next Step:

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Accuracy of the calculator output is dependent upon the input it receives. Calculations are estimations and for informatonal purposes only. Contact us for specifics on how we calculate your interest.